Karcher Wet Dry vacuum 0.6Gal. (Multi Purpose) TV1

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Our TV1 Indoor Wet/Dry Vacuum provides whole home wet and dry cleaning. Its powerful suction makes quick work of cleaning up spills and messes throughout the home.

Wet suction function
  • Especially suitable for wet vacuuming on hard surfaces.
Wet and dry vacuuming without filter replacement
  • For easy switching between wet and dry vacuuming without interrupting the job or changing the filter
Easy and convenient container emptying without having to remove the suction hose
  • Quick and simple tank emptying without coming into contact with dirty water.
Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Enables comfortable carrying, as well as opening, closing and emptying of the container.
Convenient cable-holder system
  • Easy storage of the power cord, ensuring faster use.
Pet hair brush
  • The pet hair brush is perfect for removing pet hair from carpets and all other surfaces.

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