Disinfectant Wipe Kit (Fresh)

Disinfectant Wipe Kit (Fresh)

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The Disinfectant Wipe Kit allows you to create your own disinfectant wipes.  The closed system greatly reduces the possibility of surface cross contamination of pathogens. The small roll put-up when used in the Chem-Ready bucket is extremely portable, easily resealed and spill proof.   This exclusive material performs like a wiper but does not bind quaternary chemicals like ordinary towels and wipers can. The unique material apertures not only trap particles they help scrub the surface.

Each wipe is 12.5"x10" compared to the tradition wipe at 6"x7" which will cut your consumption by over 50%.

When your system is empty simply purchase a new roll of dry wipes and your choice of Fresh Breeze TB or A2Z disinfectant and create a new batch of disinfectant wipes.  Simply open the lid, add your new roll, pull the first wipe from the center of the roll through the lid and pour in your bottle of Fresh Breeze TB or A2Z.  That is it!


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